What sets Preferred Exteriors apart as

local affordable certified siding contractors?

I first started in the siding industry 30 years ago even before Hardie Plank siding was ever known of in the Vancouver Washington metro area.  I don’t know anybody currently in the siding industry that can honestly and truly say that.  When Hardie Plank first entered Southwest Washington as a valid siding option to the failing Lp siding problem, none of my colleagues had ever heard of it.  I’m probably dating myself, but believe it or not back then cedar or vinyl siding were the main options.

Hardie Plank fiber cement became available right after the infamous failing Lp siding went into an enormous national lawsuit in 1995. I started as a Clark County siding contractor years before that. Here are a few fun facts about the owner and team at Preferred Exteriors:

  • I have 30 years experience inspecting & replacing siding construction defects all locally here in town. With this much proven experience we specialize in Lp siding repair & Lp siding replacement along with Hardie Plank fiber cement ELITE siding installations per James Hardies engineered criteria, without the crazy overhead costs many companies fall into.  Because of my lengthy background and history in this industry working with Hardie Board, I have been personally invited to tour many factories over the years by their engineers. I have seen many Hardie reps come and go but Hardie Plank still is the easily the most popular product.  I am proud to say Preferred Exteriors maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. This isn’t easy to accomplish these days, but we do.

  • As the owner of Preferred Exteriors, I personally handle ALL inspections and bids completely cutting out the middle man salesman. I also do multiple quality control inspections during a project. I don’t know any other company owners that can say that. To me it’s not a control thing, it’s a quality control thing.

  • I am determined, and successful, at keeping operating costs MUCH lower with Preferred Exteriors because it’s just too easy to spend more in overhead than is really needed, thereby having to pass those extra costs on to customers with thousands of dollars in higher prices to you. Too many company vehicles and unnecessary expenses make a companies pricing to homeowners too expensive. Another fact is that any Clark County company that works in Oregon also will have higher costs simply because of insurance and licensing expenses. And the same is true if the company is based in Oregon and runs appointments here in Clark County. Also important is the drive time lost in traffic going into the Portland metro, thereby needing commission salesmen, since company owners are often bogged down with work details and can’t easily make that drive time. This is also why it is so rare to have a company owner actually do quality control inspections. One reason our prices are much more affordable is because I personally run all inspections and bids and only work in Clark County. Another way we maintain lower operating costs is that I work out of my home and my truck. You don’t need an expensive showroom or pretentious office in todays world so why rent one? Some companies have multiple offices adding to overheard costs. Why raise your cost?

  • Most companies give a really weak workmanship warranty OR don’t even advertise or mention it. Preferred Exteriors gives a No Nonsense Lifetime Warranty on all projects. Click on the link to see how good it is and you be the judge. It’s so straight forward, we even put it at the top right of the home page so everybody can see it.

  • My son also owns a local exterior remodeling company since I brought him up in the industry. He is doing great carving his own path in a difficult industry and although we are technically competitors, I am glad he is an over achiever also and doing well.  Next to my wife, both my kids are my best friends and I like it that way.

                                                  Now for some non work related personal info:

  •  A few years after high school, I married my soulmate way back in 1981. We met the first day of senior year in 1977. If she ever left me, I would leave with her. No kidding. She does absolutely all the company bookkeeping, payroll, tax details and accounting which keeps operating costs considerably lower for customers. She’s irreplaceable for the company and is my favorite employee. She is an incredible cook and I could never let her go but on rare occasion, I think she may want to let me go.  LOL  She is also used to me taking work calls even on any vacation. A few years ago, we did a bucket list once in a lifetime trip to Italy, which she has always wanted to do. My cell phone is my life line to my customers so I took many calls and worked often and she didn’t squeak a word. She’s the best because she understands when you own a company, it owns you too. I know many business owners that would never take calls when not working, but she knows I’m an over achiever.

  • I love the outdoors in the great Pacific NW.
  • I am also an accomplished musician and have played on church teams for over 40 years. I have been serving on the worship team at Crossroads Community Church since 2015 and love it. If you ever visit or see us on facebook, I’m the old guy playing bass sometimes. My soulmate is one of the girls singing. I also love to ride jet skis with family and vacation at the sand dunes in Southern Oregon.

  • I now have 5 outstanding grandkids, 2 of which are flaming red heads and I mean RED! All 5 diamonds in the rough are more work than running a company. I do admit that sometimes I give them sugar and send them home to their parents just to get back at my kids a little. I regularly whisper to each one they are my absolute favorite. I hope they grow up and somehow those simple words of affirmation, spoken over and over again, help them contribute something meaningful to their world. A world I can’t touch but they can… and will.

  • Thank you for considering my team. You won’t be let down and unlike most siding company owners, I will personally perform regular quality control inspections on your project to make sure you are extremely happy.

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