Need local affordable siding contractors in Clark County?  If you are buying or selling a home, our Pay In Escrow is ultra easy.  See why Realtors love our program.

We know buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful and want to make it much easier for you which is why realtors love our ultra easy Pay In Escrow  program.  In many instances banks don’t want to loan when more than normal dry rot is found on the siding.  This slows down the whole stressful process in getting moved in or moved out and kids back to the new school. I have 30 years experience inspecting siding of all types right here in Clark County and can help you too.  If you still have Lp siding on the home you are buying or selling or your Hardie Plank siding was installed improperly, Preferred Exteriors can help.  As the owner operator of Preferred Exteriors I have helped buyers, sellers and realtors all reach their goals.  All right here locally in the Vancouver Clark County metro area.  I will personally inspect the home and give you an accurate detailed analysis of what is potentially a problem and what isn’t.  Read my reviews in which customers testify of my expertise. If the structure doesn’t need a full replacement I will be the first to tell you.  As a professional inspector and affordable siding contractor, we can often do a simple repair in a given area on the home.  Many customers like the fact that not every siding project needs a full replacement.  Don’t get sold what isn’t needed for you to move on or move in.  Over the last 30 years I have seen many young inexperienced salesmen try to sell you fear.  I won’t. And if you don’t need or want the whole home done thats okay too.  Preferred Exteriors are your local, affordable roofing siding contractors in Clark County with an easy pay in escrow program. Call (360) 687-4646 to see how this easy Pay In Escrow program can help you out.

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