Need a local AFFORDABLE vinyl siding contractor? We are state certified with 30 years proven siding experience serving all Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battle Ground, Ridgefield and Clark County metro areas.

Vinyl siding installation

Can vinyl siding be used on high end expensive homes?

Absolutely.  Look at the white home above.  It’s even vinyl shake and decorative vinyl window trim.  I installed THAT home with vinyl siding way back in 1996 and also installed the difficult steep pitched Owens Corning roof plus all those vinyl windows too.  The vinyl shake looks great in the gables.  That particular home sold 15 years later in 2011 for $598,000.00 and in today’s market would easily sell for $800 – $850,000.  Think about that.  As of now, that vinyl siding installed 25 years ago has never been painted.  At all.  Vinyl siding will save you thousands of dollars in ongoing paint costs.  Preferred Exteriors offers all lines of vinyl siding including Alside and poplar Kaycan which have local warehouses across the river in Portland for inexpensive delivery and convenience if you ever need more siding.  Some colors may need to be special ordered but usually only take a few weeks to get.

Why are most companies trying to talk me out of Vinyl Siding?

Simply because most young “newer” installers who haven’t been around long don’t know how to install vinyl siding. The treatments around the windows and the overlaps must be laid out very carefully.  Vinyl siding is installed completely different from its Hardie Plank competitor.  With vinyl siding ALL nails are very meticulously hand nailed one hit at a time unlike Hardie Plank siding where pneumatic nailers are used powered by compressors. The shake on the grey house below is also vinyl.

Vinyl Siding Preferred Exteriors

Vinyl Siding Insulation

Vinyl siding will save you thousands of dollars in ongoing paint costs.

Most homes are painted every 7-10 years with ever increasing paint costs averaging 4000.00 – 6000.00 dollars.  In only 2 paint cycles you have just lost 10-12,000 dollars. Vinyl siding only needs to be hosed down every few years. Take a summer day, get the kids involved  and have some fun hosing it off.

Is your home older and in need of insulation?

I have been a siding contractor and installed vinyl AND Hardie Plank for 3 decades right here in the Vancouver Washington metro area.  If your home is older, Preferred Exteriors can also order thick closed cell insulation board sheeting which will noticeably help in keeping your home much warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Another option is to order vinyl siding with form fitted open cell insulation board already attached. Even though it’s more expensive over time it will pay for itself so you want to make sure you will be living there a long time to get your money’s worth.

Do carpenter ants eat vinyl?

Nope.  But they will destroy the plywood sheeting and your studs so always be on the lookout for unusually large shiny black ants and don’t let them live rent free in your house.