Concerned about Elite Hardie workmanship?

We are too. So we give you a



As the owner of Preferred Exteriors, I can honestly say that nobody here in the Vancouver Washington metro has worked with Hardie Plank and inspected as many Hardie and Lp siding homes as I have over the last 30 years. Period. I recognize that statement can sound proud but it is absolutely factually true.

Because of my tenure specifically in the siding industry, I have also been invited and toured numerous out of state factories, meeting with many engineers and being wined and dined by big shots and CEO’s.  Preferred Exteriors has also stayed up to date on all James Hardie Elite installation criteria because their specifications have changed many times over all the years.

Our Preferred Exteriors No Nonsense Craftsmanship guarantee:

  • Unlike most companies where the salesman is long gone after you sign, I will personally do multiple Quality Control inspections making absolutely sure it’s done to Hardies criteria leaving Q/C cards on your door and sending you progress pics.
  • Commitment To ServiceFor your lifetime, if you have any concerns about the labor our craftsmen completed, I will personally meet with you to resolve and/or repair if needed to Hardies specifications.
    (Obviously excludes normal weathering, acts of God and maintenance)

  • No service call costs are charged or added at all.

It’s absolutely No Nonsense and that simple and clear cut!

30 Year Warranty

So as you can see above, in addition to the Preferred Exteriors No Nonsense Lifetime labor warranty, James Hardie siding itself also has a 30 year non prorated material warranty from the manufacture.

Preferred Exteriors is extremely proud to also meet all of the following Hardie specified criteria:

  • Paying for all materials by month-end whether each customer pays timely or not to insure the company is solid and stable.
  • Compliance with engineered Hardie Plank product specifications
  • Professional, honorable and accurate Sales Approach
  • Satisfactory credit report to make sure the business is stable
  • State Licensing always up to date
  • Liability insurance $1,000,000 per occurrence to protect homeowner
  • Satisfactory record with the BBB
  • Satisfactory background check