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InspectionsI have 30 years experience as a siding inspector and siding repair and replacement contractor all locally here in the Vancouver Washington Clark County metro.   As a certified licensed local siding contractor & inspector, I’ve inspected thousands of homes over the last 30 years.

Is your Lp or Hardie Plank siding delaminating or letting rain in?  On Lp siding rain will collect on the horizontal drip edge which is where it will start to show signs of decay or rot over years.  If you have the panel style Lp siding it will be down at the bottom drip edge or around the bottom corners of windows.

Has it been a while since the last time it was painted or caulked?   You don’t want to seal in the moisture if it exists so you must be extremely careful.  If you are selling or purchasing a home with Lp siding or Hardie Plank siding we can help with that also since all buyers will want to renegotiate the price and often contact us themselves for a thorough inspection before they buy once they make an offer.   With 3 decades of experience inspecting and replacing all types of siding, unlike many other companies we wont try to sell you something you don’t need.  If you decide siding repair is what you want we can even only do the portions that need it, and not the whole home, saving you thousands of dollars.  Upon our visit you will immediately see our inspectors are professional, highly trained, honest and extremely thorough in their evaluation analysis.  We only use digitally calibrated high end moisture meters because infra-red meters ONLY read heat variations and therefore don’t accurately show moisture content which is what we are after.  And Realtors love our  quick thorough service.   Call (360) 687-4646 today and your service begins.

  • Is your Lp siding over 20 years old?

  • Why is my Hardie Plank siding cracking,  separating at the joints or slipping down?

  • Protect your investment with an inspection

  • Insurance claims mediation

  • Is rain getting behind my siding?

  • Buying or selling a home with Lp siding or Hardie siding?

  • Realtors love our service and expertise

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