Lp siding & Hardie Plank repair and replacement certified siding contractors

in Vancouver Washington & Clark County

Competitive Prices All YearWith 3 decades of consistent siding inspections and siding replacement here locally I can factually say I’ve done more Lp siding repair and Hardie Plank fiber cement siding than anybody in town.  All around Vancouver Washington metro area including Camas, Washougal and Battle Ground Washington.  Period.  I know that sounds proud but it’s absolutely true.  Because I’ve been a local certified siding contractor in Clark County so long, I know most of the siding companies in town and they are usually younger people with much less experience and high staff turnover since woking as a siding contractor is so difficult to survive in.  30 years is a long time inspecting siding in Vancouver Washington metro area.  Unlike many “salesman” that are only thinking of their commission check, I will tell you the truth from all my experience and will not sell you what you don’t need.   You will see that right away at my initial inspection. Unless you are dealing with the company owner, you are dealing with a middle man commission salesman that has to put their profit in the cost in addition to the company profit. Thats how it has always worked over the last 3 decades.

Over all these years, I have seen siding products come and go.  In the mid 90’s James Hardie fiber cement siding came in as an option to replace failing Lp siding when Lp went into a nationwide lawsuit.  Lp siding was the norm from the building boom in the 80’s that happened all around Vancouver Washington, Battle Ground and especially in Camas Washington Prune Hill and Fishers Landing areas.  Camas and Fishers Landing areas had a substantial amount of growth from the 80’s and 90’s. Do you remember all those empty fields that are now full blown subdivisions?  Lp particle board siding is what most builders used since the Lp research plant was across the river. If you live anywhere around Clark County Washington, and need more information on Lp siding and Hardie Plank fiber cement siding call the team at Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646.  I will personally show you options and that many homes can get a siding repair job instead of having all your Lp or Hardie Plank siding replaced. Don’t get talked into what you don’t need by an young inexperienced commision salesman who simply doesn’t know any better. With affordable siding prices, WHY PAY MORE?

Cracked Siding
  • Cracked Hardie boards from improper installation

  • Swelling siding

  • Window header flashing not done to code

  • Window trim rot

  • Lp & Hardie Plank full replacements

  • Siding replacement on rotting chimney areas

  • Structural rot repair

  • Vinyl siding repair and replacement

  • Belly band repairs

  • Face lifts for curb appeal

  • CertainTeed Weatherboards fiber cement replacement

Hardie Siding Missing Flashing

Preferred Exteriors can often save you thousands of dollars with an Lp siding repair instead of residing the whole home depending on how bad it is.   Oftentimes our elite Hardie Plank siding installers can do just one wall.  This is a great option for homeowners that are selling or just feel it’s finally time to address any specific problems needing a local state certified siding contractor.  If you have Lp T1-11 Panel style siding sometimes a belly band and a few new sheets of panel siding are all that’s needed along with a fresh new paint job. Don’t get talked into more than you want or need…

To see how Preferred Exteriors can save you thousands of dollars call (360) 687-4646 today.