Hardie-ColorPlus-LogoPreferred Exteriors is a local family run company specializing in ELITE Hardie Plank siding installations with an enormous 3 decades experience right here in Vancouver WA. We offer absolutely ALL lines of Hardie Plank siding including Color Plus. Color Plus Hardie fiber cement siding is actually pre-painted from the Hardie Plank factory in Reno Nevada and shipped to the NW. It is manufactured in a temperature-controlled environment at the actual Hardie Plank factory. As a local Hardie siding contractor, I have personally toured MANY different James Hardie factories over the last 30 years and have been doing siding even BEFORE Hardie Plank was available in Vancouver, Battle Ground, La Center, Woodland, Washougal or Camas WA area.  Hardie Plank fiber cement siding has been here in Vancouver Washington metro area since 1995.  Color Plus is the pre-painted version of the ever popular Hardie Plank siding. Pre-painted Hardie Plank is an option for many homeowners but is considerably more expensive than regular primed Hardie Plank fiber cement siding.  One HUGE benefit to each homeowner is that I, the owner of Preferred Exteriors, personally handles all inspections and bids. This cuts out the expensive high priced middle man salesman which most companies use. This is how  I can save you thousands of dollars. These scammer overpriced commission salesman will try to talk you into the most expensive HardiPlank product because they get paid more when you pay more.  I don’t and I won’t. Preferred Exteriors is your local siding contractor performing ELITE siding installations that will show you all options with a truly unbiased view in whichever siding product you pick simply because we offer them all. With 30 years proven experience, why pay more for Elite Hardie Plank workmanship? Call the preferred Hardie Plank Color Plus siding contractor for the entire Vancouver Washington and surrounding areas. Call Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646 to clearly see how you can save thousands.

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James Hardie says with pre-painted Hardie Plank Color Plus siding you should usually bypass at least 2 paint jobs, which can realistically save you thousands of dollars.

Color Plus fiber cement Hardie Plank siding does cost considerably more for material and installation because it is so tedious to make and difficult to install. Every single board is carefully covered in cellophane for protection during shipping.  Not just any siding contractor can install it. The labor itself is also much more intense with touch up paint generally needing to be done at the end.  Preferred Exteriors is proud to offer this as an alternative to normal pre-primed Hardie Plank which has Hardies proprietary primer on 5 sides. Yes, 5 sides including the 4 edges with  Color Plus Hardie siding being painted on 5 sides.

With Color Plus technology, you get a 15 year paint warranty from James Hardie and Sherwin Williams Paint Company in addition to their standard 30 year warranty on the material. But remember, not just any company can install it. Preferred Exteriors can and does install Hardie Color Plus siding to elite James Hardie guidelines.

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