Affordable Cedar Siding Contractor In Vancouver WA & Clark County

Cedar sidingLooking for an affordable cedar siding contractor in Vancouver WA & Clark County?  Preferred Exteriors is your local siding company for installing real cedar shingle or cedar lap siding.  Cedar siding adds dramatically to your home’s look and curb appeal. But be careful since cedar shingles are visually VERY dominant to the look of your home.  Less is truly more with cedar shingles.  Most importantly, they require very little maintenance unless they face south.  Occasionally staining them is generally enough to keep them looking good for years.  We do not ever recommend painting them because real cedar is extremely porous and takes a massive amount of paint. If not primed, you will have created a nightmare. When you paint something once, you will paint it again and again. It’s always a good idea to keep cedar shingles looking natural. Cedar lap siding can be bought pre-primed or stainable. If you don’t want cedar siding, Hardie Plank fiber cement siding is a popular option too.

Thinking of replacing your old damaged cedar siding?

Preferred Exteriors is the specialty cedar siding company you can rely on here in the Vancouver Clark County metro area.  We install high end cedar shingle and lap siding on homes here locally.  Western Red Cedar Siding Shingles is by far the most common.   Whether you’re looking for pre-primed or stained cedar siding, Preferred Exteriors can order whatever you want.  All cedar siding must be maintained much more that other sidings like Hardie Plank.  Cedar is more porous so therefore takes a lot more paint.  Unfortunately no mills offer any warranty on cedar siding since it is not man made.

Cedar Siding

All our cedar siding projects also include our intense Preferred Exteriors protection system for the wood behind your new cedar.  Although it is not building code yet, we always install a waterproof  RAIN SCREEN moisture barrier.  The regular old school tar paper house wraps often used in the past are not as efficient as the much higher tech synthetic rains screens in evacuating water from behind your siding.   It’s a no brainier for homeowners. This is so that over time if rain gets in it behind your cedar siding, it can drain out the bottom and save you from expensive rot repair costs.  The wood behind the cedar siding must be fully protected. The windows are then flashed with a self sealing membrane flashing to current building codes to fully protect your building envelope. As mentioned above unfortunately no cedar manufactures offer any material warranty since it is not man made. But we do offer out No Nonsense Lifetime Labor Warranty. Call the cedar siding company you can afford. Call Preferred Exteriors at (360) 697-4646. Why pay more?

Cedar Siding