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Longview Washington

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Longview Washington is located in Southwest Washington state and is often referred to as Kelso Longview with the city of Kelso directly east of Longview.

It is near the famous Mt St Helens volcano.  The Cowlitz Indian tribe has its headquarters in Longview Washington and is still federally recognized.  Longview was the area of Mount Coffin, a burial ground for the local Indian tribe.

In 1918 Robert Long, a timber expert from Missouri moved his entire operation to the west coast and picked Longview WA.  The Long-Bell Lumber Company bought a huge expanse of wooded timberland in the Longview Kelso area.  With 2 large mills, a staggering 14,000 employees were needed to run them efficiently which was more than the neighboring areas could provide so Long planned out the building of the city in 1921 to support a population of 50,000 to provide laborers for the mills.

Kelso Washington was named by Peter Crawford who was a Scottish surveyor. Kelso was often referred to as Little Chicago because of the many brothels and taverns servicing the rough and rowdy loggers who would come into town looking for fights, women, liquor and gambling. The FBI finally forced the mayor of Kelso to shut many of those establishments down with the last one closing in the mid 1960s. The Longview-Kelso area is still supported mostly with wood products.