Preferred Exteriors are the local certified preferred siding contractors in the Vancouver, Washington metro area, doing siding repair and replacement. With 30 years of proven experience in Clark County, no middleman, and affordable pricing, WHY PAY MORE for an Elite Hardie Plank siding installation?

Vancouver WA BridgePreferred Exteriors is your local state-certified Vancouver siding contractor and Hardie siding installer with 30 years of proven experience as a professional state-certified siding installer here in Vancouver, Washington. We repair or replace all lines of siding including Lp siding and Hardie Plank fiber cement siding if it wasn’t installed to James Hardie ELITE specifications. No commission middleman salesperson means you get very affordable pricing all year long. With 30 years of proven experience, why pay more for ELITE Hardie workmanship?  Call the state-certified Vancouver siding contractor people prefer.  Call your Hardie Plank siding company, Preferred Exteriors, at (360) 687-4646, and your service begins. Your wallet will be glad you did. Why pay more?

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siding contractor with 30 years experience state certified pro with A+ BBB rating

Vancouver, Washington, is an up-and-coming city in Southwest Washington. It is mostly urban, with very few rural areas left for development. As of 2017, the population was 175,673, and the population growth from 2000 was up 22%. Vancouver is a growing city with more affordable housing than Portland, Oregon – across the Columbia River. In the mid-1980s, Vancouver was much more rural than it currently is until the building boom hit. Now, residential subdivisions abound all over Clark County and Vancouver, Washington.

Vancouver, Washington, is developing a modern waterfront area to attract more people to our city. Vancouver has many natural areas, parks, and outdoor activities nearby, making it a desirable place to live and raise a family. Although it is mostly urban, it does not have the crime and disrepair found in larger inter-city areas like Seattle. Vancouver is a mid-sized city with all the amenities of city living, but still a nice place to have a family.