Need a local state certified siding contractor in Washougal Washington?

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Washougal Washington is a small city in Southwest Washington on the Columbia River located just 18 miles east of Vancouver Washington.  Washougal was officially incorporated on December 4th 1908.

In May of 1792 Captain Robert Gray, a Boston fur trader, entered the mouth of the Columbia River discovering Washougal.  Soon after a famous British explorer named George Vancouver traveled to the area to verify Grays discovery.  A lieutenant named William Broughton was sent to explore the waters of the Columbia River eastward landing in present day Washougal Washington.

Seeing the beauty of the mountain range he named Mount Hood after a British admiral and Point Vancouver was named after his commanding officer.  18 years later the rest of the river east of  Washougal was properly charted by another famous British explored named David Thompson.

I have personally lived in this area for 30 years and have seen the growth with residential subdivisions popping up nestled in the beautiful evergreen trees.