Pre painted Color Plus Hardie:  Color Plus is Hardie Plank that comes directly from the factory already painted. The factory is in Reno Nevada and it is also a fiber cement product. A few years ago the engineers at James Hardie invited me to tour that factory so we did.  Pre painted Color Plus comes in over 20 colors here in the Clark County area and has a 15 year paint warranty since James Hardie partnered with Sherwin Williams paint manufacture.  It comes with a cellophane wrap protecting each and every single Hardie board and is much more tedious to install for multiple reasons. Your hands and gloves must be as clean as possible while working with pre painted Hardie Plank.  The caulking that comes with it is color matched and also must be put on very carefully. Pre painted Color Plus Hardie Plank also comes with a color coded touch up kit since it is inevitable that some boards will be scuffed in areas.  The overhangs, electrical boxes, gutters, downspouts and doors will still need to be painted. Pre painted Color Plus is a viable option for many people but if its not in your budget, you can still pick the more common pre primed Hardie Plank.  Color Plus Hardie Plank only comes in the “cedar mill” grain pattern although many people prefer the more popular “rustic cedar grain” pattern.  For now, that doesn’t look like it will change.  I have personally been a local repair & replacement siding contractor in Clark County for 30 years.  Because I personally service all accounts, I have been able to keep overhead much lower by not employing expensive commission based middle man salesmen.  You will also see the level of my expertise when we meet and your home is inspected.  For more information on if pre painted Color Plus is a good fit for you, call your local preferred siding installers. Call Preferred Exteriors, the affordable Clark County siding contractors at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help.

         Why pay more for an Elite Hardie Plank siding installation? 

ColorPlus pre painted Hardi Board preferred siding contractors Clark County WA

Color Plus pre painted Hardi Board preferred siding contractors Clark County WA