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Woodland WashingtonLooking for a Woodland Washington siding contractor? Preferred Exteriors has 30 years of local experience and is state-certified to perform Lp siding repair and siding replacement including any failing Hardie Plank siding that was installed wrong. As a state-certified siding installer, we install all Hardie Plank siding per Hardie’s own Elite Preferred guidelines.  I, as the owner of Preferred Exteriors, perform ALL inspections and bids, cutting out the high-priced, expensive middleman salesman that so many siding companies employ. This alone will save you thousands of dollars.  Unlike most business owners, I will perform quality control inspections almost daily, no matter how busy I am. It’s not a control thing; it’s a quality control thing.  Service is huge to me, and you will see that. Most business owners are too busy for you. For the preferred siding contractor people prefer, call Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646, and your service begins. With prices this affordable, why pay more?

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Woodland Washington is located north of Vancouver in Southern Washington state and got its name by the original postmaster Christopher Bozarth at the recommendation of his wife because of all the trees in the area.

Woodland was incorporated as a city on March 27, 1906. In 2010, its population was 5509. Woodland Washington is a floodplain, and in 1948, It suffered a terrible flood, with the Old Town district being hit especially hard.

Living in the area for 3 decades, I remember when it was hit badly again in 1996 with another flood. Then President Bill Clinton visited the flood damage at that time. He used the football field at Woodland High School to land the presidential helicopter. Woodland is considered part of the Longview Washington metro area since it is just south.