All reputable Hardie Plank contractors should show you the various siding options and specifically all the options Hardie offers.  The rep should find out what you are interested in and show you the specific pros and cons of each product.  As the owner of Preferred Exteriors, I have personally been in this industry for 30 years inspecting and installing siding all over the Vancouver metro area. I started as a local siding contractor in 1990 even before Hardie Plank siding came to the Pacific Northwest.  Hardie siding has dominated the entire market for at least 2 decades. I have personally seen many siding styles come and go, especially with vinyl siding. When installed properly with a good rain screen moisture barrier to protect your subwall, hardie Plank has stood the longevity test, especially in our rain. The two most common options for Hardie Plank is pre-primed hardie and Color Plus hardie. Both have their place and if installed correctly should last a long time. Standard pre-primed Hardie Plank is more poplar simply because it costs less the the pre-painted Color Plus. Color Plus is fully painted in a  factory controlled environment in Reno Nevada and then shipped here to the Pacific Northwest. Because of my length of time working with siding, I have been invited by the engineers to tour that factory. Its very close to Lake Tahoe which is beautiful.  Color Plus Hardie Plank comes with a 15 year paint warranty from Sherwin Williams in addition to James Hardie 30 year product warranty. The more common pre-primed hardie product obviously has no paint warranty but you can still get one thru Sherwin Williams. It just isn’t registered with James Hardie. For more information on which product fits you best, and for the preferred Hardie Plank contractor call Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help. Also know that with our pricing and 3 decades of knowledge, we are of the most reputable Hardie Plank contractors. And with no high priced middle man salesman, why pay more?

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