Lp Siding & Hardie Plank Siding Repair Camas Vancouver Ridgefield: Preferred Exteriors is unlike other local siding companies in that we will show you how you can often repair your existing Hardie Plank fiber cement siding instead of replacing it all. This can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in expensive siding replacement costs. Sometimes it is also possible to replace portions of your Lp siding even if it is older.  If it is clearly rotting it needs to be addressed professionally by a licensed certified contractor such as myself or any other reputable company.  I have 30 years experience here locally all around Clark County specifically addressing these siding problems. Don’t get talked into getting all your siding replaced by some slick expensive middle man salesman with little experience and used car salesman gimmicks.  No matter how nice the siding salesman is, you should be able to tell if he is full of it if you ask them enough questions.  Use your instincts. There are those types of siding contractors in Battle Ground and Vancouver taking advantage of people with ridiculously high prices created from lack of managing overhead and using commission salespeople to build a big expensive siding and roofing company.  Some will even say their system for installing siding on your home exterior is superior. Being in this industry right here in town for 30 years I know these types of siding and roofing contractors well.  Do you need Hardie Plank siding repair? For an honest down to earth no gimmick evaluation and competitive realistic prices,  or if you need Lp siding & Hardie Plank siding repaired, call Preferred Exteriors today at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help and feel free to go to www.Preferred-Exteriors.com and go to our page that talks about Lp & Hardie repair. Don’t get talked into more than you need or want with slick sales gimmicks. As a veteran owner of siding companies over the last 3 decades, I personally handle all inspections and bids. With affordable prices and no middle man, WHY PAY MORE?