best Hardie Plank siding contractors Vancouver WA

Best Hardie Plank siding contractors Vancouver WA

Need Hardie Plank Fiber Cement siding in Vancouver?   Hardie Plank siding has dominated the local siding market for at least 2 decades. It has been the go to siding of choice in the  Clark County metro area since 1995.  The first version came in un-primed which was quickly changed to a primed version. Not all companies can or even know how to install it per Hardie’s ELITE guideline criteria.  I have personally been a siding inspector and siding contractor right here in town since 1990 even before it came in.  It is also sometimes spelled HardiPlank and should be installed carefully by a licensed siding contractor or the engineers at James Hardie will not even consider honoring their warranty.  There are many details that MUST be followed closely with these Elite guidelines to ensure long lasting durability. James Hardie will not honor their 30 year material warranty if the homeowner can’t show proof of this. Because of the building boom we see going all around us  Vancouver WA and the entire Clark County area has numerous unlicensed and non-certified siding installers not following the guidelines for installing Hardie Plank correctly per their criteria.  This big problem often creates moisture problems with all our rain and then rot problems behind the siding. We’ve all seen subdivisions on Vancouver, Camas and Battle Ground WA thrown together fast. Don’t assume every company is installing Hardie Plank siding the way the engineers want. I have often been called on to inspect homes potential buyers are looking to purchase. What you don’t know may hurt you. Over the years and as the owner of Preferred Exteriors I have also been called on to fix and repair improper installations. Some homeowners paid twice to have their Hardie Plank siding installed properly to ensure no rain problems. For more information on hardie plank fiber cement siding repair or full siding replacement call me personally at Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help.

Since I run all appointments, I have successfully bypassed the expensive middle man salesman.

With siding prices this affordable, WHY PAY MORE for an Elite Hardie Plank installation?