As your  local  roofing contractor in the Vancouver WA metro area Preferred Exteriors offers fair competitive pricing all year round and is your state certified local roofing contractor. We are also a state certified siding contractor and window installer. Recently I inspected a 14 year old roof installed by a local well known builder but must have used a really bad roofing installer.  This was not an old home at all and was completely done wrong with what is called reverse flashing. Reverse flashing is where the roofing paper moisture barrier is installed backwards in a reverse order literally forcing the rain INTO your sheeting and then into the house or in this case behind the siding. Rain was getting in under the roofing and behind the HardiePlank siding. Although the house was not old at all, the rain had created substantial damage on the sheeting since it was trickling in for years.  In this particular home you could easily stand in the attic. The black mold was about 30 feet long by 4-5 feet high on the particle board sheeting. It was on one side of the roof and not the other at all which tells me they did not reverse flash the other side of the roof.  I have personally been in the roofing and siding industry for 30 years and done inspections for that long. As the owner of Preferred Exteriors I will come out personally on all inspections since I do not use expensive middle man salesman. Although there are many great roof brands on the market in the Vancouver metro area, and we will order any brand you want, Pink Panther Owens Corning is by far the most popular. Your roof and siding is your only protection against our seemingly continual rain so don’t let potential problems go undone. if you see something, say something. For more information and if you are looking for a local roofing contractor call Preferred Exterior at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help.

Local roofing contractor - Preferred Exteriors

Local roofing contractor – Preferred Exteriors