Scam Alert siding contractors Vancouver WA, Battle Ground WA, Portland OR – Beware of scammers charging you high prices for your siding or roofing in Vancouver, Battle Ground or Portland. As the owner operator of Preferred Exteriors I have seen many siding contractors and their scams over my 30 year career.  Some siding and roofing contractors will say they have the only way to install Hardie Plank siding.   It is a sales gimmick to create what is called “marketing separation”.  Any sider that has installed Hardie Plank fiber cement siding for a length of time and read the guidelines should realistically install per those guidelines.  Over the last 3 decades I have personally trained many siding installers on those specifics although many of the specifications are common sense from and siding installation standpoint. Although to be fair,  I have also inspected homes for sale where homeowners or some hack has done the work. You will see many of these siding companies use car salesman type discounts.  Is it possible they are marking up the price so high to then mark down the price to make you feel good about a still high price?  These disreputable siding scammers will promote that they are the only siding companies to do siding installs the way Hardie Plank wants per Elite install criteria. Not true.  Hardiplank has basic guidelines that any good siding installer will follow. Why are these high priced siding companies scammers?  Because they charge high prices to you and then try to talk you into ALL the extra things you don’t really need.  Being in the construction business for so long, I can tell you high overhead is a recipe for disaster and is passed on to you, the consumer.  Don’t fall for it.   Also, if the company owner himself doesn’t take your texts or come out to your project almost daily, something is wrong. For honest service that isn’t full of car sales gimmicks, call Preferred Exteriors at (360) 687-4646 and ask for the owner. Why pay more?  You will immediately see why Preferred Exteriors service stands out and that they won’t sell you what you don’t want and don’t need. Thanks for listening.

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