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Looking for Hardie Plank siding contractors in Clark County? Over the last 30 years I have inspected and overseen the installation of a massive amount of fiber cement Hardie Plank siding. HardiPlank came into the Vancouver WA metro area way back in the mid 90’s when the infamous Lp siding went into a lawsuit. This was years after I started doing replacement siding.

Don’t assume every siding company that says they are a siding specialist is indeed one.  I have met with the engineers at James Hardie numerous times and each time they reiterate how important it is to install Hardie siding to their Elite engineered criteria.

Over the last 3 decades I have seen and inspected many “cowboy” siding companies that are completely oblivious to correct  installation per Hardie Planks specifics.  Even if they have done siding repair or siding installation for a long time, many siding companies will say that’s the way they’ve always done it. James Hardie has changed their guidelines many many times over the years to make the product perform better over time.

Be careful who you choose. If the siding contractors  you look t are too cheap, they probably have cheap siding installers doing the actual labor. The ones holding the hammers are extremely important to you project. Not the slick salesman you may meet with.  If the Hardie Plank siding contractor is too expensive they probably have too high of overhead or very expensive salesman as a middle man.  Both of these scenarios are very common. Either way the homeowners can lose big. It’s always wisest to go with Hardie Plank siding contractors with pricing somewhere in the middle.

Also, don’t get talked into your whole house being done if you truly don’t need it. Preferred Exteriors often does “partial repairs”  if thats what you want or need. Many companies wont even consider that because it’s not profitable bought to them.  Call Preferred Exteriors today to see how we can save you thousands of dollars with no middle man at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help.

Our  motto has always been:

With 30 years PROVEN experience why pay more for an ELITE installation?