Water Intrusion Specialists

Lp Siding & Hardie Plank Clark County: Preferred Exteriors is your local water intrusion specialists for preventing damage behind Lp siding or Hardie Plank fiber cement siding. Many shady or in-experienced local siding contractors still do not install Hardie Plank siding to specific James Hardie ELITE criteria.  The engineers at James Hardie I have met with highly recommend their specific criteria to keep the 30 year product warranty intact. Preferred Exteriors also adds a No Nonsense Lifetime Labor Warranty with no future callback charges at all. Why do we add that at no charge? Because we’ve been installing Hardie Plank since in came into Clark County in the mid 90’s.  As the owner of Preferred Exteriors, I have 30 years proven experience and have often trained siding installers over the years in exactly how Hardie wants the siding installed so that it will last long over time.

Details like 22 degree window header flashing allowing rain to drip away is critical. Metal plate flashing between all fiber cement siding butt joints is equally important to the longevity of your Hardie Plank siding. Using the correct James hardie recommended flashing is extremely important since calking is almost always the weakest link in sealing your home to protect against moisture intrusion.

As the owner of Preferred Exteriors, I have been in this industry for 30 years right here in Clark County Washington. I’ve seen and inspected many siding jobs done without these absolute necessities.  Not just anybody with a state license will install your siding to the manufacture guidelines. If you have Lp siding & Hardie Plank in Clark County, I can help you.

Preferred Exteriors also does home inspections if you are buying a home anywhere around the Clark County metro area.

Call us at (360) 687-4646 to see how we can help protect your home and save you thousands of dollars from structural damage.  With 30 years proven experience why pay more for ELITE Hardie Plank workmanship?